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ISRAEL TRIP – shooting school and Hebron

This day I took the kids to CALIBER 3, a combat shooting / martial arts training school.  Originally I’d intended to do a full-day course with the wife and kids taking a short course in shooting and an hour of krav maga training… but the wife didn’t want to come, so I switched to just doing what the kids were scheduled to do.  (Unsupervised & bored kids + shooting range = recipe for disaster.)  But first, lunch – which I was thrilled with, but – like with the whole trip, the kids were picky-picky-picky with eating.




To truly be in the mood, I bought an IDF BDU; and man, I need to get in shape.  (My standard joke: “I am in shape… ’round’ is a shape,” but really, have to get back on the wagon both diet and exercise wise.)



On the firing line.  Most participants were from New York, and barely knew one end of a gun from the other.  I was amused – during the initial briefing with wooden guns, everyone had their fingers on the trigger but me.  I had, even with a fake gun, good “trigger discipline,” which led to the instructor calling me out and saying “You’ve handled guns before.”  My reply, with a wide grin, “Oh, a time or two.”



On the road to Hebron after the shooting school.  Hebron is an Arab town.  Apparently, through intermediaries, Jews manage to purchase a building but the government doesn’t let them move in due to the dangers… but houses continue to be bought now and then.  What was more interesting were the graffiti: Israeli stars and Hebrew signs drawn on saying “This is our land.”



Approaching the Tomb of our ancestors… we arrived and were walking up the steps when the calls to prayer from the mosque came on.  Interspersed with that were calls of “Allahu akhbar!”  (Allah is greater!)  It was more than a little disconcerting – knowing there were a just a few border guard soldiers between me and the kids and a town whose inhabitants, given the chance, would enthusiastically kill us.

This is the reality: the Arabs don’t want peace or coexistence.  They want a destroyed Israel fertilized by the blood of slaughtered Jews.  And even the current warming of relations between Israel and many Arab nations is something I suspect is due only to the threat of Iran (Shia) vs. the Arabs (Sunni) – and even before Islam, the Arabs and Persians have hated each other something fierce; were Iran to cease being a threat the Arabs would quickly turn on Israel, with Israel having been an ally-of-convenience until such a time as the alliance is no longer needed.