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There Are No Words

There Are No Words

I’m attempting to keep this blog “professional” – as in work/engineering/job search. But I was incredibly moved last night and I felt compelled to post this.

This is a picture of my great-uncle Haim Wolfinson and his son Francis. I have found their records in the Israeli and US Holocaust Museums; both sets of records have errors.  (I also have his wife Flore’s and son’s birth certificates and their marriage certificate.) The reason I am so moved is that I have just completed a package of information documenting the necessary corrections to their records and am sending it to the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem, Israel.  I will be mailing it today.

All three  – a father, a mother, and a son – were sent to Auschwitz.

May their names never be forgotten, and may they rest easier knowing that their information is now corrected.