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A Sign for My Backyard

OK, ok, so it’s snowing again.  I grew up here, I knew what I was getting into, but still… enough already.

However, planning ahead, I think I need to put up a sign for when we have BBQs this year.

my backyard

The first summer we moved in, I’d park and come in through the garage.  My car hadn’t stopped moving but the deer flies (hate those #@*&$ things!) would be orbiting it.  And every morning I’d come out, 12+ hours later, and there they were waiting.  Probably settled down thinking “He went in, he’s gotta come out sometime!”

Dinosaur tracks in the snow…


Well, either that, or turkeys.  This summer we had a couple of nice-sized toms but they vanished… I don’t mind wild turkey (smoked!) but given my choice I’ll take store-bought.

Yesterday we went out and, in patrolling the perimeter of our yard, I found one set of coyote tracks – following the turkeys.  I know this summer I heard a whole bunch of them yipping and howling for a couple of nights while the pack was local.