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Sunday Silliness (Segueing into Seriousness)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a brick when it stops working.”

– Arthur C Clarke, while kicking his computer. *

(As Abraham Lincoln said, “94% of quotations on the internet are made up.”)*

For all the tech-philia that’s around, with job ads now declaring searches for “digital natives” (i.e., an ageism code word), I admit there are times when I muse that we could clear out an awful lot of that bigotry if we got a cyber attack taking down the power grid for a couple of weeks.

Lights Out! The Chaos When Our Grid Goes Down | Bill Whittle.  A short video about different threats to the electric grid.

Could You Survive?  A fictional depiction of what might happen in the UK if the grid went down from a cyberattack.

Could You Survive 2? And one if a cyberattack took down the grid in the US.

Could You Survive 3? Understand the EMP threat.  One nuclear bomb – ONE! – detonated at 100-120 miles above the US could send us back to the 18th century.


* Thanks Elm!