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CAD Modeling: Homework #2 – A Measuring Cup

This is the second homework assignment for my students in the “Introduction to Engineering” course at U Mass / Lowell’s Plastic Engineering department.  This time it’s an assignment to introduce the following:

  • Revolved features (solids and cuts)
  • Reordering features
  • Chamfers

And, as with the last one, I tried to show students that there are “best practices” to follow, as well as showing that when things don’t go quite as planned, there’s usually a work-around to get to the end goal.


CAD Modeling: Some Best Practices

This file is a file I sent to my students at U Mass / Lowell showing how I would have done their first homework assignment.  I had several goals in doing this:

  1. Practice in Solidworks – always a good thing
  2. Showing what is possible, to inspire the students to practice and experiment
  3. Showing what I consider “best practices” in solid modeling
  4. Showing how to capture design intent in the model

I hope this is also useful for you.