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Admiration: Winston Churchill on alien life

I’d long admired him – his vision, his courage, his rock-steady strength in the face of the Nazi war machine… and I’ve got several of his books on  my to-read shelf (in my copious free time!).  And then this: An essay on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

Winston Churchill’s essay on alien life found

Wow.  What a keen, wide-ranging, and inquiring mind.

BLEG: Keep an IDF soldier warm


For only $90, donate a fleece jacket to an IDF soldier.  It’s simple, it’s easy, and not only does it help an individual, the money goes to Israel’s economy.  And it’s tax-deductible!

Connections Israel: Fleece Donation Page

Full disclosure: I am a volunteer member of this 501c3 charity’s Governing Board.

Phriday Filosophy

“The curse of every ancient civilization was that its men in the end became unable to fight. Materialism, luxury, safety, even sometimes an almost modern sentimentality, weakened the fibre of each civilized race in turn; each became in the end a nation of pacifists, and then each was trodden under foot by some ruder people that had kept the virile fighting power the lack of which makes all other virtues useless and sometimes even harmful.”

— President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (can’t find a specific attribution)

Reminds me of this prior Phriday Filosophy.