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9-11: Never forgotten… never forgiven



I will never forget that day.  Where I was.  What I was doing.  And how America was attacked.

I will never forgive those that did it, or the ideology that spawned that action.  Nor will I forgive the numerous apologists who so quickly condemned America for “deserving it” – with quotes like “America’s chickens have come home to roost”.  I will never forgive the conspiracy nutjobs who, despite actual photographic evidence of the planes flying into the buildings, think it was missiles, or controlled demolitions, or whatever.

We are at war.  We are still at war.  Unfortunately, we’re not taking it seriously… they are.

Iran Deal: 7-14-2015: A New Day of Infamy

I’ve deliberately tried to avoid overt politics on this blog; it’s purpose is career-related, not political.  But… this deal with Iran, if not stopped, will result in war.  Whether it is Israel (and possibly allies-of-convenience like Saudi Arabia and Egypt) attacking Iran to try and knock Iran’s program back, or a successful attack on Israel or America – like this scenario which Iran has already practiced – there will be war.  And a war that will come regardless of agreements.

Take them At Their Word

Umbrella Men

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