Target Companies

This is an on-going and ever-evolving list of the companies I’m specifically targeting. If you can help me “network in” to potential hiring managers, that’d be greatly appreciated!!

Note – generically my specific target industries are medical devices and defense, but I am certainly open to anything.  Geographical area:

North/South range: Burlington MA to Concord NH

East/West range: Keene NH to Salem NH.

Company and Location

Agamatrix, Salem, NH
Becton Dickenson, Burlington, MA
Elbit/Kollsman, Merrimack, NH
FLIR, Nashua, NH/Bedford, MA
Hitchner, Milford, NH
Insulet, Bedford, MA
iRobot, Bedford, MA
Koch Industries, Wilmington, MA
Millipore, Bedford/Billerica, MA
MIT/Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA
MITRE, Bedford, MA
Parker-Hannifin, Hollis NH and Devens, MA
Philips Medical, Andover, MA
Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA


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