For Job Seekers

Roughly every week I put out a compilation of job-search related articles, including topics like Older Workers, Networking, Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviewing, Salary, and so on.  As a whole, these posts can be found here – please do browse and I hope something in there is useful to you:

Job Search Article Aggregates

I also compile JOBS in New England posts; these are irregular and, as you can imagine, I make no guarantee that any of these positions are open by the time you see them.  But maybe there’s something there that matches and is still open… and if nothing else it might give you some ideas of companies to consider that you hadn’t before.

JOBS in New England

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  1. There is a free program at I used it to answer email on while I was contracting. It reduced the work a lot. It is also good for many tasks that involve writing.

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