Memorial Day in one picture

I’ve already posted about Memorial Day, and was going to leave it alone until next year, but then I saw this picture.  In one picture it sums Memorial Day up.

Rest well, soldier.  And my heart goes to the woman in the picture.


In Judaism we have a hope for those we love and respect: “May their names never be forgotten.”

And may we, both as individuals as well as a nation, never forget these incredible men and women either.  For on the day we do, if we fall that far, we will no longer be worthy of being a nation.

A Walk in the Woods

There is a wilderness area fairly nearby – and much, much larger than I’d thought.  We all went yesterday and had a good time.  There are two beaver ponds, but no beavers visible – sadly.  Also a lot of mosquitoes, and two ticks (not bitten).  Saw a turtle:


A couple of garter snakes too, but no pictures.

A few mushrooms (I used to know lots of wild mushrooms, but need to take a refresher course)… pretty sure the white ones are oyster mushrooms, but not 100% sure.  And even if I were sure, it’s a wilderness reserve, so I can’t take anything even if they’d never be missed.


Not sure what this one is though.  I’d initially thought it was a sulpher shelf, but I looked it up and while I still don’t know what it is, it’s not that.


And some kind of flower.


Need to go again, but with a map, and bug spray!  And given how big it is, also more water and things to eat.

Anyone with some insights into the flowers and mushrooms?