Sunday Silliness (Segueing into Seriousness)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a brick when it stops working.”

– Arthur C Clarke, while kicking his computer. *

(As Abraham Lincoln said, “94% of quotations on the internet are made up.”)*

For all the tech-philia that’s around, with job ads now declaring searches for “digital natives” (i.e., an ageism code word), I admit there are times when I muse that we could clear out an awful lot of that bigotry if we got a cyber attack taking down the power grid for a couple of weeks.

Lights Out! The Chaos When Our Grid Goes Down | Bill Whittle.  A short video about different threats to the electric grid.

Could You Survive?  A fictional depiction of what might happen in the UK if the grid went down from a cyberattack.

Could You Survive 2? And one if a cyberattack took down the grid in the US.

Could You Survive 3? Understand the EMP threat.  One nuclear bomb – ONE! – detonated at 100-120 miles above the US could send us back to the 18th century.


* Thanks Elm!

Resume question…

I’m still on a job search.  Sigh.  (My not-exhaustive list of target companies/industries.)

I’m revamping my resume and want to add hotlinks to the Word document so that people can click on them and get directed to items on my portfolio.

My question is this.  How to capture the hotlink.  I can:

  1. Have the bullet for my accomplishment bullet points be a special icon that looks like a link.
  2. Embed the hotlink in the text of the bullet point.
  3. Add an “link” icon, or the work Link, at the end of the bullet point.

What do you think?