Essays: The Big Lies of Employment

Big Lies in Employment – Part I of II

Big Lies in Employment – Part II of II
About the *cough cough* hiring crisis and “shortage of qualified candidates”… and why anyone who points these things out is shouted down, drowned out, and threatened with Nice job search you have there… be a shame if anything happened to it.

Death By HR, A Review

Let’s be fair, HR serves a purpose. But this is an excellent review – will have to go get the book.

The Arts Mechanical

Death By HRis a book that every CEO should read. As should the rest of us.  Anybody’s who has been looking for work, or working for an American corporation currently or in the last few years has experienced the lunacy and extreme dysfunction in just about every function related to Human Resources. Death By HR examines why the dysfunction came about and provides the start of a road map to escape the tyranny being imposed on us.

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