Article Aggregate November 12, 2014

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.





Job seekers: How to make it easy for your next boss to hire you

** I do agree that you need to show you can do the job, not just talk about it. But, as I commented at the article, there is a danger on the part of a job seeker that the employer is doing this:

Cartoon of the Day: The Faux Interview (Plus Commentary)

** Which begs the legitimate question: How do you tell the difference between this and an actual opportunity/need to “strut your stuff”?

50 Top Job Seeking Tips

** Overall very good, but I don’t agree with every single one.

Job Search Advice For A Young Applicant With No Experience

** Good advice in general, not just for entry-level people.

Is It Time to Ditch The Elevator Pitch?

** The short answer? “No.” But in today’s twitter world, you may need to tighten it up some.

A Lesson on Dressing for a Successful Interview

** Not just for interviewing.

Thanks! 15 Job Interview Thank You Note Tips

** It still floors me that so many don’t send follow-up thank you emails, notes, etc.






How to Get a Job When You’re Over 50

** Every little bit of advice helps!

Dealing with Long Term Unemployment – Some Top Tips

** Never, never, never give up.

Why You Should Hire For Potential, Not Experience

** Very critical perspective to use, especially if you’re trying to change industries.

3 Must-Do’s in Your 40’s to Make Sure You’re Employed in Your 50’s

** Number 3 is especially critical, but I’d add a fourth (and I know this sounds terribly mercenary): 4) Leverage your employer to get all the training you can. You may be happy, your boss may be happy, but there are events beyond either of your control that can push you out the door.

5 Key Rules For Career Changers

** And network like your life depends on it.

Managing the Age Issue with Recruiters: Age as an Asset or a Liability

** Using job-search judo to sell your age as an asset.






10 Ways to Reach Out to Hiring Managers

** Very good advice. If you can make a networking contact to a hiring manager, that’s huge. Of course, this article presumes you’ve learned the person’s name.

Networking is not a “One Hit Wonder”

** It’s ongoing, and life-long. I’ve seen a LOT of people say, through word or deed, “I’ve found a job, thank G-d I can stop networking.” This is a MISTAKE.






Resume Cover Letters: Obligatory or Obsolete?

** I think the real answer is “it depends”.






Think! You have accomplishments for your résumé

** Good one. You need to show how you are unique – through what YOU did.






How to Follow Up After an Interview: 3 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

** I don’t think there’s a perfect answer… but email, snail mail, or both, you’ve got to send something.

Script for a Perfect Job Interview

** A good interview should be a conversation, not an interrogation.

3 Magic Phrases Every Interviewer Wants to Hear

** I was feeling cynical when I first saw this title, but it’s actually not bad…

Tough Job Interview Question? Here’s What They Are REALLY Asking

** Heh.

Are You Making These 5 Common Interview Mistakes? #WisdomWednesday

** Some good basics.

Don’t be stumped at the interview; ask questions about 3 major areas

** A little general, but good.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected in a Job Interview

** It’s a dance, and at the risk of using a risky analogy, it’s combat-by-words sometimes.

Here’s What You Say When An Interviewer Says, ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

** I don’t know about being hired on the spot, but it’s a good format.

Don’t Let Gotcha! Job Interview Questions Getcha!

** Amen! Beware giving “too much information”. (The initial answer given as an example – honestly – made my skin crawl a little; honest, yes, but… if I were an interviewer I would be thinking “I did NOT need to know that.”)






Infographic: Social Media Tips for Jobseekers

** A lot of information – including how employers use SM to look at you.

The 20-Minute LinkedIn Workout

** There is a fine line between disseminating useful and relevant information, and spamming. The question is: what’s that line, because it’s awfully subjective.






10 Easy Ways to Make Yourself More Hireable

** Not bad, but does seem a little “motherhood and apple pie”.

What To Say When An Interviewer Calls You At A Bad Time

** Very important, especially as – even though you’re job searching – you still have a life.

What To Do After The Job Interview When You’re Standing In A Closet That You Thought Was The Exit

** Amusing – lighten up! ;);

The TOP-MOST Critical Aspect of Your Job Search

** One word: “plastics”, no, “differentiation”.

Recruiter for a Day: Would You Hire You?

** A very penetrating question.

Surprising Reasons Your Job Applications Are Not Successful

** Mixed bunch.

10 Business Etiquette Rules You Didn’t Know You Need to Master

** Overall I agree, though I did roll my eyes rather hard at #2. Seriously?






How to tell a newly hired employee may not cut it

** What might they be looking for “in the background”?

5 Ways to Measure Cultural Fit and Avoid a Huge Hiring Mistake

** And this definitely can go both ways – and should!

Want to ease the pain of your technical recruitment?

** Want to be caught. Think like a fisherman.

How to Hire People Who Can Hit the Ground Running

** Reading this, how can you present yourself as someone who can do this?

How to Hire Employees for a Cultural “Fit”

** Remember: If you are in an interview, they think you can probably do the job. That’s a given.

5 Ways to Put the Human Back in Human Resources

** Think “Job Search Judo”. How can you leverage this perspective to your advantage?

3 Ways To Practically Guarantee You Get The Job

** If you can – and I admit it’s a trick / black art – get inside their head. If, through your research, you can show initiative in understanding them, that’s a good one too.






10 Steps To Negotiating Your Best Salary–interview-advice/4313/10-steps-to-negotiating-your-best-salary

** Right now it’s an employer’s market. You have very little leverage.

Here’s What To Say When You’re Asked About Salary In A Job Interview

** It’s a black art. Push back too hard you can put people off; OTOH if you just name a number, then you could be shortchanging yourself.

What Should You Say When They Ask For Your Salary History?

** Some strong advice. Ultimately, a company that dumps you out of the running because you won’t jump through every one of their flaming hoops is telling you something about their culture.

How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps

** You can press harder on things that aren’t an ongoing cost, e.g., specific training. And the advantage to that is that it improves your marketability if things go south.

Conquering Salary Question Fears

** Some strategies.

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