Job Search Article Aggregate (November 23, 2014)

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Note: About Me and the kind of places I’m looking for work. And some background on why I put the effort into this kind of thing.





Job-Seeker, How Much Abuse Will You Take?

** Look at the comments. Almost to a person – at least, last time I looked – everyone is agreeing with Liz. And something that I noted in the comments: I don’t see, as yet, a single defense of “the way things are”.






30 Reasons Your Job Search is Taking Way Too Long

** Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

Job hunting in a recession – new tactics revealed

** Adapt what you do, or die.

How to Look For a Job If It’s Been 10+ Years Since You’ve Had To

** If you’ve been out of the job-search mix for a while and you’re just now looking… it’s a whole new world

20 Most Common Job Search Mistakes

** Solid compilation with a lot of links.

Absolutely Abby is on a mission to inspire & educate one million job seekers via a cross county tour

** An interesting campaign that, IMHO, sounds worthwhile.

What to Do if Your Major Has a High Unemployment Rate

** Good for everyone, but especially new grads.






Tips for Job Seekers 40+

** Video.

Hired Today, Gone Tomorrow

** Leverage this; odds are you have a house, family, ties to the community… and therefore offer stability.

Over 50? Personal Branding Is for Boomers, Too!

** A must-read.

Job Search: 5 Ways to Turn Your Age Into an Asset

** Job-search judo.






How you can network smarter at conferences

** I understand structured networking; it has benefits. But an APP?

The Best and Worst Times to Reach Out to Your Network

** The time to dig your well is before you are thirsty.

5 Ways To Make Networking Work For YOU!

** Good advice.

Networking for what you want, or settling with job boards

** Amen.

Mining Mom’s Network for Your New Grad Job Search

** Family and friends are an excellent networking source… and very underutilized.

The No. 1 Thing That Will Improve Your LinkedIn Networking

** I am occasionally guilty; I try to customize each connection request.

5 Tips For Effective Phone Networking

** One addition: Repeat your phone number.






Does Your Cover Letter Make These 5 Critical Mistakes?

** I agree; take time to identify a potential hiring manager.

Cover Letter Help That Gets the Job

** A cover letter can help clarify; it can also be a place to explain and entice.

Are Cover Letters a Waste of Time?

** If you’re submitting to an ATS, they’re secondary. If you can write to a human, they’re necessary.






Your Resume Is A Sales Document

** Exactly right!

Resume Writing: Your Opening

** I keep saying this: a resume is a marketing document, nothing more. That’s not to say I recommend falsehoods – of course not. But it needs to catch attention.

What About That Gap On Your Resume?

** The only issue: finding the name of that hiring manager that has the pain. This is not always simple.

Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Make

** Solid advice.

The Keyword Mistakes that Send Your Resumes into the Black Hole

** Insights into beating the ATS.

45 Power Adverbs to Sprinkle in Your Resume

** Interesting, but why do I have the feeling we’re going from steak to sizzle?






7 ways to manage your nerves during an interview

** Very much a factor.

How to Tell Your Story in Job Interviews

** Facts inform; stories engage. If you understand that difference you’re a huge step up.

Interviewing? Do Your Homework!

** NO question you need to be aware of what the company does.

Ace Your Next Behavioral Job Interview

** There’s a fine line. Prepare, certainly, but you can come across as “canned”.

Job Candidates: Here’s What to Ask in Interviews

** I agree – asking questions is good. But in my experience you don’t get that much of a chance to do so.

Job Interview- Ways to Stand Out.

** It’s all about differentiation.

Invited To A Job Interview? Read This First!

** Be shrewd.






Is Google Ruining Your Job Opportunities?

** They don’t even bother to check that something “objectionable” is YOU? IMHO this disproves, utterly, the claim of a “shortage”.

How to Land a Face-to-Face Interview

** Consistency, I agree. However, once can get so bogged down in this that you never do the other things you need to do.

5 Ways to Visually Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile using Professional Portfolio

** At what point does sizzle replace steak?

What are the best ways to score a job interview using social media?

** LinkedIn is the 800-pound gorilla; the rest are, IMHO, small fry as far as being found by employers.

How To Get and Use Your Own Domain Name

** I really need to look into this.






Attending Job Fairs – Secrets from a Recruiter

** I don’t typically go to job fairs. IMHO they’re a waste of time… from the standpoint of getting your resume to someone in a company. Even if you’re there in person you’re still one of a gazillion. No, the reason to go to them is to meet other people standing in line, at the lunch area, etc.

5 Websites Job Seekers Should Know About

** Not sure about some of these, but I definitely endorse alumni sites (and meetings).

5 Ways to Separate Yourself as a Job Seeker

** Nothing overly new.

10 Powerful Body Language Tips for the New Year

** I agree with a lot, but I still think the “power posing” thing is, well, silly.

Breaking the rules in your job search

** There are advantages to being a maverick. And… disadvantages. I’m a big believer in straight-forward candor, not being rude, but telling things straight and giving my honest opinion and advice. It’s surprising how often being a straight-shooter puts people off.

People Just Want a Shot…An Opportunity

** People want a shot, and to be treated fairly.

How To Deal With Rejection

** Remember, in the words of Saint Gretzky: “One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in.”

How Impressive Is Your Elevator Pitch?

** An elevator pitch is a hook, not a novel. Leave ’em wanting more.

Your Unique Value Proposition – the key to landing your next job

** What differentiates you from everyone else – whether in networking, in an interview, in a conversation, etc.

Job Search Do’s and Don’ts for the Modern Job Hopper

** If you have a “cover company”, or just a series of contracts while looking for full-time work, lump them together.






Off-the-wall interview questions this CEO asks every job candidate

** Some penetrating questions from hiring managers.

How to Identify and Secure Top Talent Before Your Competitors Grab ‘Em!

** Think like a fisherman if you want to be caught.

Could You Answer These 9 Unique Job Interview Questions?

** Hmmmm.






Salary Negotiation Tips for Every Age Group

** In my – limited – experience, tends to give high numbers.

Managing candidates’ salary expectations

** And a perspective from the other side of the table.

Negotiating for the Compensation You Deserve

** It’s a black art. Just remember that it’s an employer’s market, so your leverage is not as good as in a boom time.

The Art of Salary Negotiation During the Job Interview

** Good advice, but… 1% unemployment? In what industry???

Find Out How Much You’re Worth To Employers

** Ultimately, you’re worth what you accept. There IS NO impartial value.

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