Job Search Article Aggregate – – – January 9, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m going to start putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

Resume Ruminations

** I’ve seen a lot of pieces of advice on resumes: e.g., general formatting, key words, and so on, and I’ve got a RESUME section, below, too. But here are some tidbits I think are relevant, but haven’t seen most of them elsewhere.

Peeing in the Candidate Reservoir

** The treatment of candidates by the majority of companies is a sore point, not only with me but with many others. What’s interesting to me is that this treatment is now getting some serious attention with multiple recruiting industry people writing about it. Here I collect and quote from several articles, and then opine at the end.




40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015

** And links to the lists from 2013 and 2014. That’s a lot of people to follow!






Stop Doing This One Thing in Email Introductions to Busy People

** Excellent thoughts when introducing one person to another.

How to Succeed in a New Industry

** With a lot of people – myself included – looking to change industries, this is very important.

The Hidden Reason You Aren’t Selected for an Interview

** Important information.

You need an “Elevator Pitch” to interview effectively and get that great new job

** Part of the interview, certainly, but an essential part of networking or “informational meetings”.

11 Scary Job Search Stories That Will Make You Cringe

** You think your interview went badly? On the lighter-but-darker side. *shudder*

Why Job Boards Won’t Work For You

** On a statistical basis, job boards are near-worthless.

How Are You Different?

** Exactly. How can you stand out? And somewhat related to this:

2015 Job Hunt: 4 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

** Some ideas for how to do it. And more on this:

How To Answer “What Sets You Apart From Other Candidates?”

** Broad overview article.

How to Tell a Story People Will Remember

** Very useful; people respond to stories much, much more than dry facts – even if the facts themselves are impressive.

Tips to Explain Why You Were Fired

** A must-read.






Blue Sky Resumes

** Collection of articles on job searching.

Career Advice from Resume Target

** Ditto.

Things Career Related

** And some other links to other sites on the right.






Over 50? 10 Reasons Why Employers Will Want to Hire YOU!

** Stuff you can leverage! Another from the same site:

Your Post-50 Job Search: Use Your Age to Your Advantage!

** Short video.

Is this what you are up against?

** Video. And some good thoughts to use in a presentation. Including diversity.






Networking: A Three-Step Approach to the Hidden Executive Job Market

** Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room

** Useful, especially if you’re not good at it. Related:

Shy? These small talk tips will help you network in 2015

** Ditto.

8 Creative Ways To Grow Your Job Search Network

** Some basics, some exotic.

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

** Not just for entrepreneurs!

How to introduce someone

** A huge part of networking is connecting people who could benefit from the introduction.






Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

** An argument for cover letters.

4 Goals Your Cover Letter Introduction Should Accomplish

** Amen!

Writing a cover letter – what to include and mistakes to avoid

** Good stuff.

Writing for Success: Learn How to Prepare an Ideal Cover Letter

** I don’t know that there is one perfect format.

Out With The Old, In With A New… Cover Letter!

** An interesting approach.






13 Resume Tips to Get You Noticed

** Cool.

Fire Up Your Resume with Dragon-Slaying Stories!

** At issue is space – like the idea of testimonials (assuming you can get anyone to cooperate with those).

How To Write a Resume For The Senior Professional [INFOGRAPHIC]

** With ideas for all regardless of seniority.

How to Choose the Perfect Keywords for Your Resume

** At least as far as the ATS portal goes.

Seven Tips for C-Level Resumes

** Remember, it’s a marketing document, not an exhastive enumeration of what you’ve done.






I Have a Job Interview, Now What?

** Basics.

Attention Millennials: How to Excel at the Dying Art of Phone Conversations (Infographic)

** I have literally watched two people in their 20’s talking at the same table via text. Insane.

Your Interview Begins Earlier Than You May Think

** And when you’re going there, be in “interview mode” when you get in the car. That person who cut you off a mile from the company, and who you flip off, might be the hiring manager. Same for when you’re on the way home.

Job-seekers: Dealing with Incompetent Interviewers

** And a lot of interviewers have not been trained.

How to Sound Credible at Interviews

** There needs to be a balance between “I” and “We”. Too much of the former and you sound like an egomaniac; too much of the latter and you sound like you didn’t do anything on your own. Of course, where that balance is – is a mystery.

How to answer the interview question ‘What attracted you to this role?’.

** Do your research… this is a major suck-up-to-the-company opportunity.

The Tough Interview Question: Why Did It Take You So Long to Find Employment?

** An important question that you need to know how to answer.

5 Ways to Bomb an Interview!

** Facepalm-inducing. And related:

The Worst Job Interview Mistakes of All Time (So You Can Avoid Them)

** Slideshow.

5 Signs Your Interview Didn’t Go Well

** Classic signs.






How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

** Recruiters search LinkedIn all the time. It’s important to be visible and findable.

Step 1: Creating a presence on LinkedIn for your job search

** And you have to be on LinkedIn!

Getting More Eyes On Your Profile

** Eyes on your profile is a big thing.

5 Reasons Why Your Social Network Isn’t Working

** Good thoughts.






3 Things You Must Do on Your Job Search

** Definitely don’t just be a lump on the couch!

For Job Seekers: How to Make a Well-Designed Business Card

** Have to have cards; give them some thought.

The 6 lessons to learn from the school of the job search…

** Prepare the foundation before building.

It’s 2015: Do You Know the 5 NEW Job Search Basics?

** Good thoughts.

After the Job Interview, What’s Taking So Long?

** I both agree and disagree. I understand they won’t call you in a week. If it takes more than a month or two for them to decide… that’s an indication to me that they’re not really serious.

Sample Job Interview Thank You to an External Recruiter

** Even recruiters need a “Thank you”.

How to Write a Check-In Message Without the Dreaded “Just Checking In … ”

** This is useful! I don’t know how many “Just touching base…” emails I’ve written.

5 sections of a résumé and LinkedIn profile that show your value

** Consistency.

Make Job Seeking Effective With 10 Proven Tips

** Be active!

10 Reasons You Didn’t Get A Callback For The Interview

** Agree with some, disagree with others… but one thing that irks me is the attitude (perhaps unintentional) that all this is your fault.

10 Essential Qualities That All Employers Look For In Their Potential Employees

** All correct. But are the expectations too high?

What If Your Ex-Employer Has A No-Reference Policy?

** And… co-workers, internal and external customers, vendors you’ve worked with at length.






I am your Interviewer, and I’ll be judging you today

** Who is interviewing you? A unique perspective.

Fix These 4 Timeworn Job Interview Questions

** How could these old standbys be reworded?

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

** What might they be asking? Videos.

Applying for jobs without any luck

** While I agree with the sentiment – getting your resume reviewed, applying for “good fit” positions… but somehow I felt like I was being talked down to by the commenters in the video.

Interviewing Star Candidates

** Don’t forget the need to translate what you’ve done into them thinking what you could do for them!

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate

** Thanks to Neil Patrick of 40pluscareerguru for republishing my essay.

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Employee

** What’s their process?

Recruiters: What’s Your Behavioral Interviewing Strategy?

** Useful insights into their tactics.






Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Asking For A Raise

** If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation

** It’s still a black art, and it strongly depends on the economy and your level of differentiation.

Surprise! Millennials Aren’t Asking For Raises (But Should Be)

** Everyone should be.





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