Job Search Article Aggregate – April 8, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

The Robot/AI Curve Accelerates

** The tidal wave of automation is almost upon us, and it’s not just First World jobs at stake.

The Threat of AI: The Slow Fade

** Many people have commented on potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Here’s what I think the biggest danger might be.

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

Fix the Problem III: Ink Adhesion to Plastics

** Case study from my career about adhesion to plastics, and how it was solved.




Networking is DEAD!

** AMEN!!!!

ATS: I Couldn’t Care Less

** Highlighting the need to network in. Related:

It’s Much Better to Skip the Online Application

** At issue with this is that companies these days are closing this door. One example is a company where I found and contacted the hiring manager, expressed my interest… and he said he could not even look at my resume unless it came through HR.

39 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad

** In this day-and-age of things being scrutinized to the Nth degree, you have to pay attention to details like this. Related:

20 Embarrassing Phrases Even Smart People Misuse

** I always, always cringe when hearing “I could care less.”

Should You Hire for Skill or Hire for Will?

** What can you reverse-engineer out of this to aid in how you present yourself? Other sources to use for the same purpose:

Should You Hire for Curiosity?

Why You Should Hire for Potential

What questions to ask if your resume gets negative feedback

** There is no one, pure, capital-T truth to writing a resume… or doing an interview, or social media, or, or, or.

Job Hunt 101: Find the Right Company Culture for You

** A company’s culture can make or break you. (I should know.)

Why Hiring Perfect People Is Bad For Your Staff Retention

** Very useful arguments if you are not a Purple Squirrel.

Counterpoint: Don’t Bother Applying For Jobs Online

** A contrarian view, with some merit IMHO.



** A bunch of categories on the left.

Career Tool Belt

** Quite a few advice articles.

>>> If you contact these people, please tell them you heard about them through me.



Ageism exists, so fight it head on in your job search

** I absolutely agree with the approach. At issue is the fact that you need to talk with a person first, a person who will be open-minded enough to not rule you out a priori because you have grey hairs or wrinkles.

Age Discrimination Isn’t About Dates

** It is, and it isn’t. Older people have experience, wisdom, perspective; they tend to be more loyal and less job-hoppy. And projected energy is definitely a factor – though, seriously, if all a company values is your ability to run around like a chicken that was fed crank just before its head was chopped off, maybe it’s not the place for you anyway.

AMAC: Aging Workforce Good for Employers and the Economy

** Quote: “The Gallup survey found that employers gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the experience of older workers and taking advantage of the knowledge they’ve gained over the years. Meanwhile, a separate study by Gary Burtless, a researcher at the Brookings Institution, indicated that older workers are more productive, as well.”

Fighting Ageism Resources

** Some good resources, but… many of these are legal resources. IMHO, unless you wear a recording device (not something I condone), and they’re stupid enough to say something actionable, you don’t have much to go on.

Are we too cheap? Why focusing on price could be dangerous to science.

** This is because companies see people as an expense, not an investment.

Overcoming Age in Your Resume

** I keep saying it: The more tricks you use to conceal your age, the more a savvy HR person will know your age.

Why hiring millennials could be good for business

** Knowing this obsession with the “Cult of Youth”, how can you counter it?

Over 40? The Major Interview Mistake You Could Be Making

** An interesting observation, though I will disagree with the author that – in her words – “…I don’t think it’s age discrimination as much as it is the lack of a more ‘sophisticated’ approach to job search.” I’m actually writing an essay on this, and one example I cite is of a man I know, intelligent, capable, confident, whose interviewers are enthusiastic about his visit… until he walks in and they see his grey hair, and their body language speaks volumes. And an embedded link to another of the author’s articles:

Being “Seasoned” Doesn’t Make Us “Sophisticated” (And, Why It Matters)

** Some embedded links to more in there.

Work WITH Your Younger Employees

** Though written for managers specifically, some good clues as to how to present yourself when most of the people you’re meeting in an interview are younger. Related:

The 9 Keys to Highly Collaborative Workplace Cultures

** Understanding the nature of the waters in which people swim these days.

The 2 Key Types Of Recruitment Strategies For Attracting Baby Boomers

** Want to get caught? Think like a fisherman.

5 Steps to Starting a Career Transition

** Looking to make a significant change? This is a good start.

Defeat the o-word at the job interview

** Good stuff, and in agreement with my two essays on the topic:

The “O” Word

The “O” Word 2

50+ Job Seeker: Is Personal Branding for Boomers, too?

** Yes, doubly-so.



When Is The “Right Time” To Network?

** Are you conscious and talking with another person? Then you should be thinking “Hey, this could be a great networking opportunity!”

No, Really: These Are the Best Conference Networking Tips We’ve Ever Heard

** Conferences are great because everyone comes to mingle. And… most people who are there are working, so their contact lists are freshest.

You are too risky to hire!

** This is why networking is so important.

15 Simple Tips For Networking Your Way to Career Success

** Good ones. Related:

5 Tips to Build a Better Network


5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

** They matter a lot!

4 Basic Networking Tips you can’t do without.

** Number 5 – help others!

7 things to avoid when networking

** The first rule: don’t screw up.

3 Rules For Effective Informational Interviewing

** Except use the term “Networking Conversation”. The word “interview” is incredibly loaded, and with people besieged by requests this change of term can help lower the anxiety factor.

25 Powerful Ways to Connect With People Online

** All good. Related:

5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking



Cover Letters: To Write or Not to Write?

** Very true.

The Cover Letter Mystery…What do I say?

** And… try to show how you can solve their pain.

Should the Cover Letter Be Part of the Email Text?–16955-article.html

** Short answer: yes.

5 Easy Tips To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

** The KISS principle definitely applies.

What Makes Great Cover Letters?

** Like the concluding call-to-action idea.

6 misconceptions about cover letters!

** Darned right – cover letters are nothing but a sales/marketing document.



How to Write an Executive Resume That Stands Out

** Not just for executives.

Resume Pet Peeves

** The first rule – don’t screw up! More:

3 Tips For A Resume That Doesn’t Suck

Lying on Your Resume

** I am not-not-NOT endorsing lying on your resume. But.. I understand it. Especially when you know you can do the job and all that’s standing between you and consideration is a line on your resume.

Resume – Going Beyond the Job Description

** Remember, it’s a marketing document to get you in for an interview – nothing more.

5 Deadly Resume Errors to Avoid

** Interesting and somewhat contrarian to the “conventional wisdom”. Related:

7 Plus Things You Don’t Want on Your Resume

Hiring Challenged? Sift for These 17 Worst (and 15 Best) Résumé Phrases

** “Best of breed”?

6 Ways to Win Over Any Hiring Manager

** Necessary conditions.

How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume

** About 75% of resumes don’t get seen by a person.

11 Tips for Updating Your Resume

** And also please look at my essay on resumes, which has many of the same bits of advice, but also some different thoughts:

Resume Ruminations



So Tell Me About Yourself

** You have to know how to answer this, and answer this well.

Why Should I Hire You?

** Another common question.

How You Can Be the “Right Fit” Candidate

** If you are in their office being interviewed, they think you can do the job based on your resume. So, can you walk the talk of your resume? And can they work with you?

The 10 weirdest job interview questions for 2015

** With reference to the unloading a plane full of jelly beans… would high explosives work? More:

Are Curveball Interview Questions Beneficial?

5 Tips To Ace The In-Person Interview

** I especially agree with “Know who you are meeting” – they look for you on the internet, return the favor! Related:

Before Your INTERVIEW!

You Must Be Ready to Answer this Question

** Not asking anything is now becoming a huge indicator to say “no thanks” by an interviewer.

10 Reasons Why Your Job Interview Went Wrong

** The first rule – don’t screw up! Related:

Mistakes That Will Put a Quick End to Your Next Interview

How To Answer ‘Who Else Are You Interviewing With?’

** Some excellent thoughts on how to answer this.

12 Commandments of Interviewing

** Short videos.

Snarky Answers to Stupid Job Interview Questions

** Funny. And I keep wishing to have won the lottery so I can go on interviews and give snarky answers. 😉

The Next Evolution of Behavioral Interviewing

** When someone starts digging into “How would you solve this problem?” I ask “Is this an extant problem, or an exercise?” Because I never do things for free. I’ve learned to beware the Faux Interview:

Cartoon of the Day: The Faux Interview (Plus Commentary)

How To Explain A Low GPA In An Interview

** OK, I had pretty good grades. But still… it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in school. When someone asks my GPA I counter with “I’ve been out of school for well over <mumble> years, with many solid accomplishments since then. How is my GPA from that long ago relevant?”

The Golden Rules of Selling Yourself in an Interview

** And it is a sales job. Related:

7 Seemingly Harmless Things Salespeople Do That Make Prospects Dislike Them

Interview Question: What are You Looking for in Your Next Job?

** You can easily shoot yourself in the foot when answering this.

Interview Body Language DOs and DON’Ts

** First, don’t over-think this – you can become so paralyzed by fear that you’ll just make things worse. And I like that, right up front, he confirms my essay, kindly republished by Neil Patrick:

7 seconds – why that’s all you may have to succeed or fail at interview

The Most Important Part of the Job Interview (That You’re Probably Forgetting)

** IMHO you need to ask for the job, but carefully.

The ultimate job interview checklist

** I think I need to print this out.

How to Promote Yourself in Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

** If you are not for yourself, who will be?

6 Tips to Prepare for a Shotgun Interview With Just 24 Hours’ Notice

** Had a few of these.



Effective Thank You Notes

** I am continually amazed that so many people don’t do this.

The Importance of Following Up

** Just remember, there’s a fine line between persistent and pest. And, of course, no guideposts to where that line is. Interestingly, I went to a presentation where one of the speakers said that he got a job specifically because he was a pest and kept calling, and calling, and calling…

Getting Interview Feedback – Basic Tips

** It’s rare to actually get useful feedback, but it’s critical to at least try.



To share is golden: 8 reasons to share others’ posts

** Yes, I do post my own stuff; these aggregates are one way for me to share others’ works too.

How to Optimize Social Media Images

** OOH, very interesting. OTOH, if you’re down to doing this kind of detail-level stuff…

9 reasons why your LinkedIn Snapshot Area is important

** LinkedIn is becoming more and more of an incredible tool. Just remember – you can become so obsessive about SM that you ignore real networking in person:

The Butlerian Jihad

Landing Your Dream Job Is Easy With LinkedIn If You Do This…

** Easier said than done IMHO.

What Not to Tweet in a Job Search

** I find it interesting that some advise a total shutdown, some preach a middle of the road, and some say “Let your personality out”. I have the feeling that one could lay the experts end to end and never reach a conclusion.

7 fatal mistakes on LinkedIn

** Understand that LinkedIn is the go-to place these days. Related:

Personal branding on LinkedIn: 11 mistakes to avoid

How to Use LinkedIn to Become a Networking Superstar

** Useful tips. Related:

The 5 Most Powerful Things you Can Do on LinkedIn You Never Knew



Reentering the Atmosphere When You’ve Been in Orbit for Years

** Important thoughts, especially if you’ve been out for a while.

10 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

** Some really good thoughts here.

Top 9 Job Search Sites (in order of “like”)

** But network, network, network – don’t just apply.

8 Reasons You Are Not Getting Job Offers

** There are more, but these are “up there”.

Underqualified? 7 tips to inspire employers to give you a chance

** Some good tactics.

Jobseekers – 8 Tips for Getting Your E-mail Read

** Solid general advice.

How to recover from arriving late for an interview

** It happens. What annoys me is how unforgiving some people can be… what, you’ve never, ever been late yourself?

No Response on a Job Application? Do This.

** From 2010 but still very much applicable.

Why You Are Most Likely To Get Hired On A Tuesday

** I predict a rush on Tuesday appointments.



Interview Preparation

** A whole collection of articles from the interviewer’s point of view.

The one interview question Glamour editor Cindi Leive always asks job candidates

** There are actually two here.

The Interview Question That Can Seal The Deal

** Never heard that question. Related

The 5 Be All End All Interview Questions for Entry Level Jobs

** Not just the questions, but the logic behind the questions.

My Favorite Job Interview Technique

** On one hand, you should view this as a chance for a conversation. On the other hand, though, it’s still an interview – don’t let your guard down. Related:

How to Get Candidates to Drop Their Job Interview Facade

>>> A series of articles from high-level people, from Fortune:

Birchbox co-CEO: How to nail a job interview

Why you should treat a job interview like a first date

How social media can actually help you get hired

When is the best time to schedule a job interview?

Why it’s okay to get personal in a job interview

How much do references matter in a job interview?

5 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But Should)’t-tell-you-(but-should)

** Good to know.

How to Use Phone Interviews to Screen Candidates

** What are they looking for?

7 things hiring managers value much more than your education

** I keep seeing integrity, which I said is one of the foundational elements of a person:

Check the Foundation First

** Have a story that highlights your ethics, and proactively tell it.



Accepting a Job Offer: Before Saying Yes to a High Salary, Consider This

** Money may not buy happiness, but it can make misery a lot more comfortable.

Tips to Maintain Negotiating Power around Salary

** Basics. And related:

Do You Know How to Negotiate for Your Compensation?

Looking for a Higher Starting Salary? Don’t Fall For These Employer Tricks’t-fall-for-these-employer-tricks

** Important. (I once bought a complete lemon of a car. A few months later I saw a newspaper article with “Tricks used by unscrupulous used car salesmen”. Many looked familiar! 😦 )

5 Easy Answers to Tricky Salary Negotiation Questions

** Remember that an unwritten agreement is worth the paper it’s on.

A Fail-Safe Guide to Salary Negotiation [SLIDES]

** Some excellent materials. Related

The Art of Salary Negotiation During the Job Interview

Salary Negotiation Fail, Fixed: What to Do When You Accidentally Lowball Yourself

** Difficult, but not impossible, to recover.

5 Key Benefits to Negotiate in Addition to Your Pay Package

** It’s not just about money.

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