Job Search Article Aggregate – May 14, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every 5-7 days.

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two Original Essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

But first, a special note: Neil Patrick was kind enough to guest post an essay of mine.

10 tiny things that can ruin your chances of getting hired

Then, my last two original essays.

Is Networking Losing its Moxie?

** Networking is a critical element of any job search, but it seems to be losing some of its effectiveness. I hypothesize why.

Give Your Resume Bullet Points High-Caliber Impact

** How to format your bullet points to grab a reader’s attention, and get them to slow from skimming to reading your resume.

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

Show Me the Stupid

** A collection of case-study examples of things that cost companies money; in some cases, a lot of money. Hopefully these get you thinking.




10 FBI Tips On How To Spot A Liar

** I just got a book about this – haven’t had time to read it yet. But do you want to enter every human interaction with the presumption the other person is lying… and waiting until they prove they aren’t?


** And while you’re standing in line… network, network, network!

Linkedin endorsements and recommendations – pitfalls and best practices

** Recommendations – yes. Endorsements – meh:

Tarnished Endorsements

** Why I don’t like the LinkedIn “Endorsement” feature.

Follow-up 101

** Critical at every stage.

6 Tips for the Best Body Language in Interviews #WisdomWednesday

** I keep saying this – although body language is important, you can paralyze yourself overanalyzing… to the point where you come across as rigid and robotic.

Being Unemployed Is Tough. Get A Great Job Fast. Advice To Help You.

** Worthwhile video! Related:

Why “The Unemployed Need Not Apply” Need Not Apply to You

20 Job Search Tips For Creating A List Of Target Companies

** Critical – need to know who to target, not just pursue openings. In a similar vein:

Pursue Companies, Not Jobs

** And another article on that:

Why Smart Job Hunters Go After Only One or Two Target Companies

** And sort-of related to this:

Choose Your Next Boss Not The Money–interview-advice/4817/choose-your-next-boss-not-the-money

** I have to say, however, that I can see this approach as being very limiting.

Treat Your References Right…Or Else–interview-advice/4750/treat-your-references-rightor-else

** References are gold.

7 Tips For Better Public Speaking

** Being able to speak in public is a huge advantage and asset.

How To Massively Crowdsource Your Job Search

** The more people you can get to help you, the better! But to get this kind of help, you need to help others.



Career Solvers

** Quite a number of articles along the left.

CareerDirections LLC

** Ditto.

>> If you contact either of these people, please tell them you heard about them through me.



Job Search After 50: 3 Keys to Help You Beat The Age Bias!

** I do like the idea of proactively addressing age-related concerns, but… awkward!

Is Age Discrimination A Job Search Issue?

** Ultimately, if they want to know your age, they can find it out.

Where’s the Demand for Talented 50+ Workers?

** At issue is how to get people to not just read, but really understand, that older workers have value?

50+ Workers Are Critical Components of Successful Businesses

** There is value in experience.

Could age discrimination derail your retirement plans?

** Buried within this is a golden nugget: you have experience, you have contacts – these are assets, so leverage them!

Boomers and social technology

** For better or for worse, you need to be out there on SM. And another essay from the same site:

Great Tips To Overcome Ageism for IT (and other) Professionals

America Is Unready for the Era of the Aging Worker

** Unready… because they think there’s an unending supply of young, cheap labor. Some good stuff to use if you can open a conversation. Related:

Baby Boomer Brain Drain

** Some good stuff to highlight why you are an asset.

9 Real Reasons Overqualified Job Seekers are Rejected

** Can you head these off proactively? Related:

How to Get the Job When You’re ‘Overqualified’’re-‘overqualified

Board Director Career Trends: An Interview with Julian Ha from Heidrick & Struggles

** Are these insights you can leverage to differentiate yourself?

Job Search Tips for the Older Jobseeker

** Basics.



The Genius of ‘Want to Grab Coffee?’

** An interesting data point on why it’s important to ask for advice in a networking conversation.

How to Start a Conversation With Strangers at a Networking Event

** I’ve often found “So, what brings you here?” is a great opener. And on this:

How to Talk to Strangers

** Also worthwhile thoughts.

Does size matter when it comes to your LinkedIn network?

** I agree; quality over quantity.

Networking While in Transition is the Key to Success

** It’s key, and critical, but it’s not easy to do well.

6 Tips for Connecting Well Online

** Definitely pay attention to time zones! (Made that mistake – once! And if you’re calling internationally, this goes doubly!)

Why Your Network is Important

** People will “check out” your social media connections; how effective this is, I’m not sure. And they will definitely look at who has recommended you!

6 Ways Your Professional Network Can Help You–interview-advice/4618/6-ways-your-professional-network-can-help-you

** Amen. And why would they do all these things? Because you’ve helped them.

Are You Worth Talking To or Just More Noise?

** Whadda ya know. Confirmation that people are being bombarded as I noted in my “Is Networking Losing its Moxie” essay, above. I find it interesting, too, that Boomers are not even mentioned.

3 Ways to Refresh Your Network in 2015

** Definitely, take stock. The time is worth it.

How to Create a Winning Elevator Pitch in 4 Steps

** Remember that an elevator pitch is only intended to get them to want to talk more.



Add A Little ‘Fire’ To Your Cover Letter…

** Yes.

Why We HATE Writing Cover Letters

** And focus on what their needs could be.

Catch a Recruiter’s Eye With These 7 Cover Letter Tips

** Remember, it’s a marketing document to get them to read your resume.

Learn How to Prepare an Ideal Cover Letter

** Good, though I don’t know that there’s one “perfect” format.

Your generic cover letter, as experienced by a hiring manager.

** You’ve got to tailor it. Another by the same author:

The Cover Letters That Make Hiring Managers Smile (Then Call You)



Top 10 Resume Tips For Managers & Executives.

** I especially like and appreciate the comment about using “local” spelling.

Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

** Interestingly, I had a conversation recently where I learned that a local high-tech company has ditched its ATS because it realized it was losing out on too many good candidates who didn’t get through the filter. Related:

Will the real (ATS) Applicant Tracking System please stand up!

5 Insider Secrets for Beating Applicant Tracking Systems

** Imagine a person who bought a customer tracking software that rejected this many potential customers. Related:

New Job Search Service Helps Job Seekers Penetrate Applicant Tracking Systems

** Call me cynical… I would be very interested in the provenance of the people who started this service. Did they start out writing ATS software? And three more ATS-related articles:

8 Tips to Boost Your Resume Chances with Applicant Tracking Systems

Recruiting Software: 10 Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the System–10-ways-job-seekers-can-beat-the-system.html

How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume

Ten tips on writing the perfect CV

** Lots of formats. Mine is a hybrid.

Résumés: Why the right keywords aren’t enough

** It has to be considered as a part of a whole.

Ask not what the company can do for you…

** An important point!

6 Commonly Misused Words on Your Resume

** These things can make or break you.

Quotes on Your Resume: A Good Way to Waste Valuable Real Estate

** I agree with the idea that putting reference quotes on a resume is a bad idea; doing so without explicit permission is a doubly-bad idea.

What Do I Put On A Resume If I Was Fired?

** I’m not sure that a resume is the place to address this.

7 Topics You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume – Landing a Job

** The first rule: don’t screw up.

5 People Who Had It All and Lost It to CV Lies

** A liar must have a good memory. And with all the background checking companies do, is it really worth the risk?



7 tips for your interview stories

** Stories engage, and at the emotional level; this leads to a better perception of your “fit”.

17 Clever Ways to Interview Like a Pro

** Strong advice.

Interview answers must be short. Know why?

** I can’t disagree this is happening, but there’s a fine line between concise and too short. And, of course, it’s a lot easier to be that succinct when typing vs. in a conversation.

Interview Preparation: Are You Doing Enough?

** On the flip side, are you doing too much – and thus sound canned?

5 Things Every Prospective Employer Wants to Hear

** But don’t be afraid to tell them what they need to hear as well.

Job Seekers: Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

** Stories, as opposed to dry facts, engage at the emotional level – and thus create a huge impact.

How Successful Candidates Steal Job Interviews

** I like the idea of doing things to differentiate yourself. With reference to #1 particularly, just remember that many places have NO tolerance for people who don’t play to-the-letter by the rules they set. (And I am reminded of an ad for some off-road SUV that has a humorless art teacher droning “Always color inside the lines…”.)

Prepare for a Job Interview by Writing Your Own Recommendation Letter

** An intriguing technique.

4 Kinds of Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

** A useful categorization.

Keeping It Positive

** You definitely don’t want them searching for something negative. Instead, try this approach:

Am I A Fit?

** How to find out if they have any doubts without explicitly asking them if they have doubts.

How to improve your interview performance

** Short video.

11 questions hiring managers never want to hear

** The first rule: don’t screw up.

How to Win at Every Telephone Interview

** I agree. And treat this like a serious interview – after all, they are.

Answering the Dreaded Request: “Tell Me About Yourself”

** This is a great chance to show off.



Are you making these major post-interview mistakes?

** All good points.

7 Actions For Effective Interview Follow Up

** This is part of the interview too.

Thanking the Hiring Manager (Post-Interview)

** It always amazes me when I read that people don’t do this.

5 ways your thank-you note could cost you the job

** The first rule: don’t screw up.

8 Reasons Why You Don’t Get that Call from the Hiring Manager

** I understand people are busy, and that you may not be “the one”; the widely-discussed poor treatment of candidates, however, has repercussions:

Peeing in the Candidate Reservoir

** The poor treatment of candidates by some companies is affecting the morale/attitude of all candidates, regardless of whether they interact with any specific company. That this is not a concern for corporate decision-makers boggles my mind.

Who Should You Send an Interview Thank You Note To?

** Useful. And by the same author on a related topic:

10 Things Not to Include in an Interview Thank You Letter



Warning: Your Facebook Picture showing up in people’s Outlook

** Yet another reason I don’t “do” facebook.

What’s the best way to write your LinkedIn Profile?

** If you laid all the resume/job search experts end to end you’d still never reach a conclusion. 😉

Navigating the Reputation Economy: Lies Do Count

** My motto: a liar must have a good memory. Mine’s good, but not nearly that good.

6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profile

** Understand what they’re looking for. Related:

How to get your profile to page 1 of a Linkedin search by tomorrow!

** And be visible so they can see you.

How to Find Relevant Job Openings on LinkedIn

** LinkedIn can be a great source for openings. Related:

LinkedIn is truly a powerful job search and career management tool.

Personal branding on LinkedIn: 11 mistakes to avoid

** The first rule: don’t screw up.



The Single Biggest Reason Executives Struggle To Get Hired.

** Not just executives. There is such a glut of people that it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd in the pile of resumes.

Interview questions you should never answer

** You can answer some; some will be obvious (e.g., you wear a wedding ring). And if you’re a parent, having them weed you out because they object to your possibly needing to run out for a kid emergency, etc., do you really want to work there anyway?

The Secret Keys to a Great Pitch

** Remember – finding a job is a sales/marketing job.

Summary Sunday: What It Takes To Score An Interview

** Several topics discussed.

Five Articles Job Seekers Need to Read This Week

** All worth perusing!

25 Essential Style Tips for Wearing a Suit, Every Man Needs to Know These Secrets

** Useful. More:

Basic tips on Dressing for Interviews

** And how you dress will definitely affect the impression you give:

3 Simple Steps to Making a Good First Impression

** And never forget – you have seconds in which their first impression is formed:

7 seconds – why that’s all you may have to succeed or fail at interview

** Another essay of mine Neil reblogged.

Company Culture and Marriage: What Do They Have in Common?

** A lot of it is emotional and based on intangibles that people can’t even describe.

Top tips to improve your employability after a long term career break

** Some good tips if you’ve been out a while.

21 Evil Things To Do On Your Last Day On The Job

** Not advocating any of these… but they are funny!



Motivation-Based Interviewing Gauges Can-Do Attitude

** Another tack they might try.

8 Questions Interviewers Use to Figure Out Who You Really Are

** Some of these, especially #8, are just head-games IMHO.

How to Prevent Bad Hires from Crumbling your Small Business

** I commented.

Why you shouldn’t dismiss the job hopper

** Aimed at HR, this has some useful things to consider in presenting yourself.

How to Spot a Fantastic Creative Candidate [Top 3 Traits]

** Good stuff on how to “spin” yourself to meet these.

Job Interview Questions – The 5 Things Candidates Must Address–interview-advice/1325/job-interview-questions—the-5-things-candidates-must-address

** Proactively answer these.

7 Employee Qualities You Must Prioritize When Hiring

** Important insights into what they’re thinking.

5 Kinds of People That Get Hired Most

** Can you leverage this?

Why Getting Feedback After the Interview is Hard (& What to Do)

** It is hard to get feedback. Some good tips.

The FIRST question I ask during a SECOND interview

** Very useful!



The Right and Wrong Way to Renegotiate Your Salary

** I like the part about making the boss feel like they’re still in control; easier said than done, though.

Why You Should Love the Salary Question!Why-You-Should-Love-the-Salary-Question/c16g1/554a5ec30cf21fee136ffb1f

** I didn’t realize that this could be used to differentiate yourself, though this does have the potential to be a can-of-worms thing.

Should You Mention Your Salary Expectations In The Interview?

** A counterargument to the “no you shouldn’t” conventional wisdom.

Making Concessions During Negotiations

** You cannot not negotiate. Related:

Salary negotiation tips: How to negotiate a job offer–interview-advice/366/salary-negotiation-tips-how-to-negotiate-a-job-offer

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