Job Search Article Aggregate – July 14, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others in the same boat is by aggregating these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts. For reference, I try to post one of these about every three weeks or so.

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David Hunt, PE



In shameless self-promotion mode, I’m putting links to the last two essays I’ve published here at the top. Reverse-chronological order. These will, of course, change as I publish new ones.

So… my last two original essays:

The Quest for the Purple Squirrel

** An attempt to understand why hiring managers obsess about the “Purple Squirrel”.

Dinner Guests from History

** In which I answer one of my own “penetrating questions”. (Insights into yours truly.)

And I’m going to, at random, hype an essay from earlier on – changing every time:

An Engineer’s Life: David Hunt Explains why he became a Mechanical Engineer

`** An essay I wrote, by request of the SPE Automotive Division, about my past and why I became an engineer.




How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You (and Ignore the More Qualified Candidates)

** Interesting, but IMHO a lot easier said than done. Related:

5 Ways to Stand Out When You’re Competing With Really Qualified Candidates

7 Reasons Employers Will Hire You #WisdomWednesday

** All good, but… ultimately, it’s because you seem the best suited to solve the problems they’re having.

Is World of Warcraft a Better Hiring Test than a Job Interview?

** It’s a gimmick. And it’s a way to avoid having to take responsibility for the hiring decision. “The test said they were OK!”

A Dozen Critical Trends That Will Affect Employment Search in 2015

** What are the trends you need to know?

How to Avoid Long-Term Unemployment

** I actually find this believable. Related:

How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment

** Excellent advice!

Eat, Drink, and be Hired-Tips for Dining with Your Future Boss

** How you behave at a meal can make or break your candidacy.

11 Ways to Identify Your Next Employer

** Identifying places to target can be one of the biggest challenges.

Your Job Is Not Your Job (2.1)

** This really made me think about my presentation during an interview.

Acing the American Job Interview (for International, ESOL, and Multilingual Candidates)

** This is very useful for people who come from overseas.

Should You Apply for a Job When You Don’t Have all the Qualifications?

** Short answer: It depends.



The Career Experts

Inspire Careers

Call To Career





Age Discrimination and Job Search?

** I’ve tried to remove myself from multiple databases – not for age reasons, but just privacy. It’s a vain effort IMHO. Not only do I keep reappearing, but with so many databases, it’s a Herculean task.

The Stigma of Long-term Unemployment… and Yet Another Round of Ageism

** A great piece by Marcia! And another:

How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment

Are We the Job Hopping Generation?

** As an older person, you can use this to your advantage. Related:

What Increased Job Hopping Means for Employers

40 And Irrelevant? I Don’t Think So!

** I know people who write code who are 50+ and can code circles around younger people.

Top 10 Job Search Strategies for Executives Over 40

** Some basics.

8 major job-search changes for older workers

** Definitely a whole new world if you haven’t been job-seeking for a long time.

5 Reasons To Diversify Your Workforce

** Can you, as an older candidate, use “diversity” in your favor?



Why Your Bio Is More Important than Your Resume

** This looks like a useful tack. Not sure how well it works, but… do remember, people get engaged by stories, not dry facts.

Turn Gatekeepers Into Allies!

** Definitely don’t want to piss them off.

Do This, and You’ll Always Be the Most Popular Person in the Room

** Very pertinent to when you’re talking with someone. Related:

8 Ways to Be the Person Everyone Wants to Talk to at a Networking Event

** I liked this.

How to Introduce Yourself in a Way That’ll Make People Care Who You Are

** Good techniques.

How Can I Get A Hiring Manager’s Attention?

** I admire the concept and attempt to practice it. However, networking is becoming more and more difficult. Sort-of related:

3 Tactics You Can Implement Today for Higher Email Open Rates

Best Tips to Network Authentically and Successfully

** All good. (Though I am reminded of a Groucho Marx witticism: “Sincerity is the key to success; if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”)

Seven Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Contacts

** I agree with all of these, except – perhaps! – the idea of a constant-contact type email. Mixed feelings about that; might work, but might be viewed as over the top.

Why Networking Must Be More Than An Event

** Precisely. I will reprise, once more, an anecdotal story I heard of a six-figure job being landed because of a conversation in a supermarket checkout line.

10 Killer Networking Questions That Spark Meaningful Conversation

** Always good to have a variety of ways to open a conversation.

Why Networking Is More Important Than Your Resume

** Networking is critical.

Five Networking Lessons I Wish I Learned in High School

** It’s amazing to me how cliquish companies of *cough* adults can be… and how akin to high school many *cough* professional environments are.

The 5 Keys to No Fear Networking

** Very good basics.



3 Good Reasons To Spend More Time On Your Cover Letter

** Definitely, can’t just dash one off.

How to Write an Honest Cover Letter to Avoid the Wrong Job

** DO’s and DON’Ts.

Before You Submit That Resume…

** Good reasons to write one.

Your Cover Letter: Write About Opportunity, Not Pain

** A nice flip of the “pain letter”.

No-Fail Cover Letter Strategy

** You can’t be generic.

6 Ways to Ensure The Cover Letter You Write Is Read

** If it’s not read, it’s worthless (unless they still read your resume).

Should You Include a Cover Letter If it’s Not Required?

** Short answer: yes.



Alex Freund: “Front load” accomplishments on your résumé

** Assuming you get through the ATS, you have to catch attention – and quick.

Résumé Keywords Are the Keys to Be Found

** The trick is to know what keywords to use!

How to Use Numbers to Make Your Resume Stand Out

** I’m not sure I agree with the idea of bolding, but if it works for you…

How to List Multiple Positions at One Company on Your Resume

** Especially pertinent if you’ve been at a company for a while.

How I Hired Talent

** At issue is understanding how to present yourself as that solution mentioned in the article.

Screening Your Resume: What Recruiters Look For in 15 Seconds

** Reverse engineer this and apply to your resume! Related:

Why Do 90% Of Resumes Go In The Bin (Without Ever Being Read)?

Get Rid Of The Boring Career Summary On Your Resume, Use This Instead.

** Mixed feelings. I can certainly see how this approach might grab attention, and that’s good. OTOH, might it be a little too self-centered? YMMV.

How to Match Your Resume to Every Job You Want [Infographic]

** You can’t not try to match them.

10 Resume Quick Fixes!Do-it-Now/c16g1/559593d40cf2c7ea473d135b

** Foundational basics.

How to Format Your Resume for Electronic Job Applications (What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You. Is That So?)

** IMHO “ATS” really stands for “Application Termination System” given the statistics about how many qualified candidates do not get through.



How to Ace the Face-to-Face Interview

** There is a window between being scripted and being so polished you sound canned. What that window is, however, is a mystery. And don’t think CAR, think SPARTACUS:

How to turn yourself into a winning job candidate

** My essay, reblogged.

Are You Prepared For This Interview Question? (Most People Are Not)

** Just heard a good chemistry joke: “What comes after 16 sodiums?” “Batman.”   (Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!)

5 Reasons You’re Getting Knocked Out in the First Round of Interviews (and How to Stop)

** The first rule: don’t screw up!

Investing in Your Interview Wardrobe Pays Dividends

** First impressions will make or break you – in a matter of seconds:

7 seconds – why that’s all you may have to succeed or fail at interview

Interviewing is a Game. Here’s How to Win.

** Good basics to review. (Though, seriously, someone who enjoys job hunting?)


** Yup.

Information You Must Have before the Interview

** Prepare, prepare, prepare.

10 Things To Bring To Every Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

** I agree with some of these, but… passport pictures and protein bars?



7 Great Questions to Ask an Applicant’s References

** These are good ones to forewarn references about.

How to Write a Memorable Thank You Note

** Don’t just say “Thank you”.

65% of Successful Job Seekers Say “Thank You for the Interview” via Email — RESEARCH FINDING

** Note that correlation does not imply causation, but… IMHO you cannot ignore sending thank you emails.

Thanks! 20 Job Interview Thank You Note Tips

** Worth reading, though don’t do all of these at once!

Does Following Up With Employers Really Matter?

** The short answer: yes. Just remember, there’s a fine line between persistent and pest… and that line is not easy to spot.



12 egregious mistakes you don’t want to make with your LinkedIn profile

** Good advice from Bob! And another by the same author:

4 reasons why you need a strong LinkedIn Summary

The 7 Linkedin Tips You Need to Find Your Dream Job Today

** Just remember, this doesn’t take the place of doing the work.

De-mystifying LinkedIn Keywords

** And an idea I’ve been playing with – which I’ve seen elsewhere – is to use wordclouds to identify trending keywords.

How to Leverage Blogs in Your Job Search

** This is one of the reasons I blog! Related:

Blogging Your Way to the Top: A Beginner’s Compendium

Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: No Professional Photo

** Consider a photo session an investment.

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired

** It could be you… but then again, it might not be.

Is Your Online Presence Visible Enough for Social Recruiters?

** It better be – because that’s where people are looking.



How NOT to Impress a Prospective Employer [INFOGRAPHIC]

** The first rule: don’t screw up.

How to Make Competition Irrelevant

** Some good advice, though I don’t think you can ever make the competition truly irrelevant.

What? That was part of the selection process?

** Very definitely, small things matter:

10 tiny things that can ruin your chances of getting hired

3 Little Known Ways to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search (Relocation)

** Sometimes moving is an option, or even a desire.

Endear Yourself to the Buyer

** If you want to be caught, think like the fisherman. What do they want and value? Related:

4 Ways to Turn “No” Into “Yes”

** After all, this is a sales and marketing gig.

The Biggest Mistake Candidates Make On Assessments

** Written by an employee of a company that makes such assessments, so take with a grain of salt. Still, good thoughts on how to game the system.

3 Quick Tips to Demand Attention in Today’s Job Market

** Worth a try.

How Your Attitude Defines Your Job Search

** There is, IMHO, a difference between having a can-do, positive attitude, and having a soma-induced, plastic smile, oh-boy-it’s-dog-food-again attitude no matter how you are treated in the job search. You get mistreated, consider this a commandment: tell others how the company treated you:

Peeing in the Candidate Reservoir

** Companies that treat candidates (and employees) poorly need to die from their own misdeeds towards what they purport are their “most valuable assets”:

Death by Lethal Reputation

8 things that can kill your job chances

** There’s no question body language is important, but you can paralyze yourself worrying about it – and that paralysis, and consequent lack of authenticity, will doom you.

Volunteering and Your Job Search – A Job Search Tip

** It’s a good way to both meet people and to show your character.

Companies hire skill sets, not job titles

** True.

The Shoo-in Trap

** Don’t get cocky. You don’t have it, until you have it.

How To Apply For A Job Properly: 3 Things We Know You Don’t Do

** Interesting thoughts.

10 Shortcuts Only The Smartest Job Seekers Know

** Solid tips.

3 Best Job Applications Ever

** I’m surprised these worked, but…

5 Key Tips to Wow Recruiters

** This is the money quote: “Companies are awash in resumes, even at the executive level.” Which is important – you need to differentiate yourself at every level.



One in Three Employees Are a Mistake

** Read this, then read this again. The tone of the article is telling hiring managers that the Fantasy Date exists (and, of course, they promise to find them); thus, it reinforces in their minds that they can wait, and wait, and wait.

Plays Well with Others: How to Hire the Best Team–plays-well-with-others-how-to-hire-the-best-team

** Fitting in is a huge consideration.

4 Benefits of Psychometric Testing Candidates

** Understand what they’re reading about this kind of test. And for some negative opinions:

10 Reasons Why Time’s XQ Article on Hiring is Based on Bad Science

How HR optimizes rejection of millions of job applicants

** I understand there are studies, but… consider that the people pushing this stuff are the people selling this stuff.

6 Ways to Win Over Any Hiring Manager

** What are they thinking? Get inside their heads.

Seven Lies Every Job Interviewer Tells That You Must Be Aware Of!

** Read between the lines.

4 Interview Questions to Determine Cultural Fit

** This is a huge insight.



5 Powerful Negotiation Insights For A Better Deal

** Useful advice; just remember, if you’re unemployed, you have very little leverage.

How to Master the Prickly Salary Question With Confidence

** I have no objection to being asked what I want, salary-wise. I strongly object to being asked – or worse, mandated by a form – to say what I made elsewhere.

The Secret to Smarter Salary Negotiation: Vacation Time

** I, and others I know, have had very mixed results on this.

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